Live coding

An internal developer portal to manage the Software Development Lifecycle with a serverless architecture

Join a live coding session, where we will demonstrate setting up an internal developer portal for a serverless architecture, creating a software catalog, enabling developer self-service actions and setting scorecards and role-based access control. This session will cover the data model, developer portal setup as well as open Q&A.

Learn how to:

  • Catalog Lambda functions into the portal using the AWS exporter as well as additional cloud resources;
  • Enrich the software catalog to understand ownership, docs, on call, and relevant metadata for each Lambda;
  • Understand the lifecycle of serverless applications across environments, deployments and more;
  • Enable self service actions such as the creation of a new lambda function configured to the CI and ready for development, how to increase Lambda resources and more;
  • Set certifications for your serverless architecture to make sure it complies with your organizational standards.

We'll be happy to answer any additional questions post session. Post webinar we’ll provide links to github so you can implement all that we’ve shown by yourself.

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    Co-Founder and CEO


    Zohar is the CEO of port (, an internal developer portal company, which he co-founded with Yonatan Boguslavski. Zohar began his career in the IDF’s 8200 unit, as a platform engineer, where he was involved, together with Yonatan in the creation of an in-house large scale developer portal. He then joined TLV Partners, as part of the investment team, specializing in developer’s centric companies. He was also one of the first employees at Rookout and a co-founder of Aporia, a developer of ML monitoring tools.