Live coding

Enable self-service actions for IaC with GitOps under-the-hood

Join us for a live coding session to demonstrate how to enable IaC developer self-service, with GitOps under the hood. This session will cover setting up the developer self-service UI, using the Github app and Terraform under the hood and how it all gets reflected in the software catalog.

We will also open the session to Q&A to cover the following:

  • Data model considerations for IaC software catalog
  • Best practices in creating self-service actions
  • Driving standards with scorecards for IaC

We'll be happy to answer any additional questions post session. Post webinar we’ll provide links to github so you can implement all that we’ve shown by yourself.

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    Co-Founder and CEO


    Zohar is the CEO of port (, an internal developer portal company, which he co-founded with Yonatan Boguslavski. Zohar began his career in the IDF’s 8200 unit, as a platform engineer, where he was involved, together with Yonatan in the creation of an in-house large scale developer portal. He then joined TLV Partners, as part of the investment team, specializing in developer’s centric companies. He was also one of the first employees at Rookout and a co-founder of Aporia, a developer of ML monitoring tools.