Getting started with Port

April 18th, 12pm EST

Join us for a 35-minute session to help you get started with Port. This will help you get Port up and running and understand the key considerations as to setup, data model, connecting self-service actions and working with integrations.

After the session, you will:

  • Understand how to use Port at a high level
  • Understand possibilities for where to begin your developer portal
  • Be able to create blueprints and ingest data
  • Map your next steps - developer self-service actions, scorecards and automations
  • Learn where to find additional resources

You should attend this if you just signed up for Port or need a refresher. The session will also be open to Q&A.

Donald Scott

Solutions Engineering

Donald is a software Engineer turned Solution Engineer and a curious technologist with degrees in Robotics and Computer Science. He worked in dev tools, cyber security solutions, and Big Data processing. Donald loves how Port's versatility in use cases create unique experiences for each customer, and he's thrilled to help them succeed as they adopt platform engineering practices.