Live Coding Workshop: How to Bring K8s and ArgoCD Into Your Internal Developer Portal

Let us show you the ins and outs of bringing K8S data into your portal, what to “whitelist” for developers and how to drive quality standards. We’ll also discuss DevOps use cases as well as how workflows use the data in the catalog.

This webinar will show how to bring Kubernetes data and ArgoCD data into the software catalog in the internal developer portal, examine an ideal data model for the catalog and how to set scorecards to create a culture of quality engineering.

✖︎ See how the data gets populated in the portal and how it’s used by DevOps, SREs, developers, on-call and even CI workflows.

✖︎ Learn how developer self-service is set up, from redeploying image tags, restarting running services and changing replica counts.

✖︎ We’ll also answer any questions you may have.

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    Zohar Einy

    Co-founder and CEO


    Zohar is the CEO of port, a no-code platform for internal developer portals. Zohar began his career in the IDF’s 8200 unit, as a platform engineer, where he was involved, together with Yonatan in the creation of an in-house large scale developer portal. He then joined TLV Partners, as part of the investment team, specializing in developer-centric companies. He was also one of the first employees at Rookout and a co-founder of Aporia, a developer of ML monitoring tools.