How Twilio and Snyk improve developer experience

Learn from Platform Engineering leaders how to think about developer experience, and how to go about making it better.

Today’s dev ecosystem is too complex, has too few guardrails and is simply too distracting for developers. Developers are told “you build it, you own it” but oftentimes aren’t given what they need for undistracted work. Platform and DevOps folk have come to the understanding that something needs to change, now.

This discussion will hopefully shed some light on:

  • Developer Experience, where do I even start? How to hire and prioritize?
  • Understanding which DevEx approach works best for you
  • The impact on productivity, DORA metrics, quality and retention
  • How new tools and new cultures will emerge to support this movement

  • AmazonWorkPicture

    Asaf Erlich

    Staff Software Engineer


    Asaf is a Software Engineer with over a decade of experience in building tools and platforms for other Engineers. He is currently working at Twilio as part of Segment’s Developer Enablement Team, where he focuses on improving the Developer Experience. The team owns building Segment’s Internal Developer Portal using Backstage, automated engineering laptop setup, deployment tracking, developer surveys, and managing internally deployed infrastructure for Retool and Sourcegraph.

  • vlad-profile-pic

    Vlad Dubrovskis

    Engineering Manager


    Vlad has been working with DevEx focused teams for the last 5 years of his career and is currently working in the Infrastructure group of Snyk, which focuses on the internal developer experience. The team’s main focus areas are: facilitating deployments across multiple environments, Backstage adoption, DORA Metrics, gathering insights to pinpoint how they can improve the platform experience and building custom tooling to ease developers’ lives.